I also don’t believe in the word “sale.” I think if the product’s good enough, people buy it. For us sales are more of a thank you. There are promotions that we do throughout the year, it’s more of a thank you to our customers for being a part of the brand and for loving the products.

Michael of Taylor Stich

The notoriously private designer/writer/entrepreneur opens up about love, marketing, product design, and the secret behind The New York Times Bestseller list.

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Writer Pro is a professional writing suite that introduces a simple workflow and syntax analysis. SYNTAX CONTROL™ scans English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish text, and highlights your adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, or conjunctions.

Combined with using four different modes to separate each of the four modes: Note, write, edit and read. This is brilliant for anyone wanting to write better.

Jason Fried Rants about Modern Web Design

Every website today is this huge photo with parallax scrolling; everything is artisanal and craftsman-like and beautiful – even the writing is getting too perfectionismist (that’s not even a word). The writing is getting too ridiculous and precious. Just write like you speak.

It’s all looking the same and that’s not okay. Thank you Jason. 

Capturing the author’s reaction or emotion of the post is one thing. But also capturing the writing process from initial write up (spilling of thoughts) to editing and then final form might also be something cool to try.

Limited imagination in the news/editorial WordPress themes

There’s 94 items. 94 WordPress themes that have been categorized as ‘news/editorial’. There are a few imagining what would make a better theme for anyone starting a news website on WordPress. One is called Gazette by Dany Duchaine. Sure there are some flaws with horizontal scrolling but it’s progress. 

A better news/editorial or magazine WordPress theme isn’t about how the content is organized or what features can be added.

What about what type of content is displayed for a readable, engaged, and enjoyable experience.